8 Questions that Need Serious Consideration Before Building Your Custom Home

Purchasing a home comes with a whole plethora of difficulties but building a custom home can make the dream of homeownership feel like a never-ending nightmare. After all, choosing each minute detail needs to be considered on a custom home, while some of those same details can be ignored when purchasing a home that is ready to be moved into.
Here are 8 questions that need serious consideration before building your custom home:

How many people are in your family and how long do you plan on staying in your new home?

It can be difficult to determine the answers to these questions, because the size of a family changes over time as do the plans for the future. You may plan on staying in your new custom home for years, but a new job or the desire to have your children go to an even better school district might derail your plans.

What materials do you want to use during the construction of your home?

By constructing your own home, you will find that you have numerous options available to you when it comes to the materials that you use. You need to know these materials before you begin the construction process.

What room will be the most important in your new home?

Almost every homeowner says that the kitchen will be the most important room in their home, but that doesn’t mean that your answer will be the same. You may choose your outdoor living space or family room as the room that is most important to you and put those extra touches in that area of your new home.

What are the criteria for finding a builder that you can work with successfully?

There is nothing worse than having a dream of how you want your custom home to look and then find that you are working with a builder that is going to do anything but what you want. We recommend that you talk to multiple builders and get their expertise on the plans that you currently have. You will be able to tell which builders will work well with you, because they will give you reasons as to why certain parts of your plan might not work or how it could be better to fit your needs.

Ask Your Builder… What do you do when you encounter obstacles and delays?

It is a known fact that the construction of your new home will have at least one obstacle and delay. It happens every single time! However, how your builder deals with those issues will give you insight at how problematic they will be.

Ask Your Builder… Which custom homes have the best resale value?

While you may not plan on selling your new home for many years, you may find that you need to sell it much sooner than you want to. If that should happen, you will want to make sure that you have built a home that will sell quickly.

What type of soil is on the lot that I want to build on?

The soil of the lot that you choose will play a huge part during your construction project as well as the future. Some soil is better than other types of soil and you want to make sure that you do not build on any that will cause your foundation to crack later on.

What features are important to you and your family?

As you are making decisions during the building process of your home, you will want to determine which features are best for you. You may want your home to have extra space for your parents or you may want to construct large spaces for entertaining. The location of your new home might be important, while also including luxurious and energy efficient features. You may also want to utilize materials that are very low in maintenance, so you do not need to spend hours keeping your home looking beautiful.

These eight questions will get you on the right track as you are beginning the process of constructing your new home. Never be afraid to ask questions, as one of them may mean the difference between a good home and the one that you have been waiting for your whole life.

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