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Do You Know When a Kitchen Remodel is Needed?

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At some point your kitchen will need a facelift. Cabinets eventually show signs of age, and their hardware becomes lackluster. Countertops become worn and stained over time, and appliances become outdated. Knowing when to remodel your kitchen isn’t always easy, but you can decide on the best time to upgrade your kitchen if one or […]

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Decision Time: Add onto Your Home or Remodel Extensively?

Homeowners often have a difficult time choosing between adding rooms and remodeling their existing home. The decision isn’t an easy one, and is based on several different factors. I’m going to go over some of those factors today and offer up some advice for each. I hope that by the end of this blog post […]

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An Often Overlooked Area of the Home – The Entryway

Your home is quite possibly your largest investment. You spend time making it look amazing on the inside with new interior paint, new flooring, and new trim work; but have you really spent much time on the exterior? Does your home look lived in or abandoned? I’d like to go over several ways that you […]

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