Bathroom Remodeling Trends We Fully Expect to See in 2019


Bathroom trends seem to come and go, along with every other trend that is out there! Thankfully, certain trends seem to be around for the long haul and that seems to be the case with some of the bathroom trends for next year. We are thrilled with this news, because it means that you can create a space that you will love for many years in the future.

Here are 6 bathroom remodeling trends we fully expect to see in 2019:

Vintage Items

Thrift store shopping is becoming more popular, especially since it means that everyone can save a ton of money without giving up quality. We recommend that you go out looking for old light fixtures, vintage mirrors, or even an antique desk or other item to repurpose into a beautiful vanity.

Keep to the Basics

The basics are coming back, which means that you can stick with whites, grays, and earth colors for your bathroom remodel. Don’t worry, this space won’t look boring, because you can add a pop of color wherever you wish!

Add Terrazzo

Ceramic has long been a staple inside bathrooms, but nowadays, you can choose terrazzo instead. This material is created from marble, quartz, and other materials to ensure durability. While you can place terrazzo anywhere in your bathroom, we say that it is a must for the floor of your shower.

Create a Water Space

Long gone are the days of combination showers and bathtubs or placing these items in different parts of the bathroom. We recommend placing them near each other and putting a glass wall nearby to partition off the room. This will keep the water where it belongs and away from everything else in this space.

Add Technology

Technology is popping up everywhere and your bathroom is no exception. We urge you to embrace this new trend and accept it for all the fantastic things that it will bring to your life. We recommend installing interactive mirrors where you can check the weather or your email, heated towel racks and floors, water temperature regulators, motion detector faucets, and even heated toilet seats.

Add Wood

We know that wood is one of the materials that should never go in a bathroom, but you can incorporate it in so many ways if you are creative enough. Consider constructing your vanity from wood or placing plants inside wooden pots. While you probably won’t want a wooden floor, you can still have the look of one by installing tiles that look exactly like wood.

These are our favorite bathroom trends for 2019 and we are looking forward to remodeling many spaces to include these features. Hopefully you are looking forward to some of these as well!

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