Impressive Kitchen Island Ideas that Add Functionality and Style


As kitchen design continues to evolve, the island is one amenity that has endured the test of time. While it is an attractive feature, it enhances functionality in more than one way. If you are remodeling your kitchen, consider adding an island or upgrading the one you have. Here are some great ideas worth considering.

  1. Make the top of the island dual level. The standard kitchen island countertop expands your meal prep area and it also works for dining. With two levels, you can have separate dining and meal prep areas. This adds some style to the look of the island and helps to keep the kitchen organized.
  2. Create a cantilevered countertop. If there is no urgent need to additional storage, a cantilevered countertop makes seating more comfortable. This way, there is no need to extend the countertop to make it possible to pull your chair or stool right up to the counter. If necessary, a single cupboard can be added to one side.
  3. Put storage at each end. You can use the same cantilevered style for this one, but with a greater focus on storage. Use identical cupboards on both sides like columns, with the seating area in the middle.
  4. Make the island multipurpose. Make the most of this kitchen feature, especially if you like to entertain. In addition to a sink and ample countertop space, there should be enough of a cantilever to make seating comfortable. It should also have enough cupboards for storage.
  5. Consider a perimeter island. Generally, kitchen islands are placed in the center, but this does not always have to be the case. A large kitchen with an open floor layout might benefit from a perimeter kitchen island. This is also suitable for smaller kitchens that need the functionality, but lack the necessary floor space.
  6. Make it an appliance garage. Having an appliance garage is a handy way to keep the kitchen from becoming cluttered. The kitchen island can be the ideal installation for this purpose, and it can still serve other purposes such as dining.

One thing to pay attention to is trying to have enough seating for the immediate family if the island is big enough. An island can easily seat a family of four and still add enough functional touches to make it easier to work in the kitchen. Finally, the island should have its own light source to draw attention to the feature while providing illumination.

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