Increase Your Home’s Value by Tackling These 5 Home Renovations

Summer is approaching quickly and if you want to improve the value of your home, this is the time of the year to do it! We understand that you may think that you do not have time to tackle any home renovation, because you will be too busy jetting off to faraway destinations and spending time with friends and family. However, once you think of all the money you will be essentially making from these renovations, you may find yourself slightly more motivated.

Here are 5 home renovations that can increase your home’s value:

  1. Roof: Roofs are best replaced during the summer months, because the roof is not icy and slippery at that time of the year. Plus, you will then not need to worry about any of the elements getting through your roof once the winter season arrives again. Once you replace your roof, you will find that the value of your home will increase by at least seven percent.
  • Windows: Old drafty windows can make your energy bills skyrocket, which is why you might want to replace your windows this summer. This is an easy home renovation that will only take a day or two and once the new windows are in, you will finally see your energy bills go down. The additional money that you see in the value of your home will make you wonder why you didn’t tackle this home renovation sooner!
  • Siding: Once you choose to replace your roof and windows, you might as well complete the exterior of your home with new siding. You can add more insulation, reduce some of the outside noise, and finally choose the color that you have always wanted for your home.
  • Entry Doors: The front door is the first thing that people will see when they arrive at your home, which is why we recommend replacing it. You can choose the style that matches your home the best and then either stain it or paint it a color that will coordinate with the rest of your home. Sliding glass doors to your deck will make those get togethers much easier, while offering more energy efficiency and security.
  • Bathroom Remodel: It is so easy to get carried away with an entire bathroom remodel, but you can simply choose to replace one or two items if you wish. If you have been needing a new shower for quite some time, use these summer months to replace it once and for all. Anything that you do in this space will instantly increase the value of your home.

These five home renovations will easily allow you to increase the value of your home and you can do them either when you are home or have someone come in to complete them when you are vacationing on a beach somewhere.

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