Is Your Bathroom Ready for the Holiday Season?


The holidays usually change up the routines for most people. This is also the time when you might want to make a few updates to freshen up the look of some parts of the home. The bathroom is one area where any problem should be addressed, as you may have frequent visitors or friends and family staying over. Here are a few things you should look at to make sure your bathroom is ready.

  1. Deal with leaks. Leaky taps or showerheads not only waste water, they can give guests the wrong impression. Some leaks are easy to handle, but depending on the type, the best option may be to call a professional. Consider updating these fixtures to help to modernize the look of the bathroom.
  2. The toilet. If you don’t have a low flush toilet in your bathroom, you will end up paying more for water during the busy holiday season. Many modern toilets use less water, and come with a range of other features for functionality and comfort. This will help you to make a great impression on visitors.
  3. Check towel bars. Towel bars are sometimes improperly installed or may be loose due to age. The weight of wet towels can start to weaken the anchors over time as well.
  4. Check the tiles. Tiles can start to have a dingy look if they are not cleaned regularly. Restore their luster, and pay attention to the grout as well. Mold that is growing in the spaces between the tiles should be cause for concern. You should not only clean these areas, you should also check for leaks and dampness.
  5. Add a vent fan. A vent fan can help to minimize moisture levels and reduce stuffiness even in a small bathroom.
  6. Add accessories. A few accessories like a soap dispenser and caddies can add finishing touches to the space. Choose a matching set that complements the style of the bathroom.
  7. Reseal the bathtub. If the caulking around the bathtub is old and cracking, get to work on it before the holiday starts.
  8. A new color. This is a quick, cheap way to brighten the look. Great choices include neutrals, whites and greens but natural, earthy tones are also worth considering.

If your bathroom needs retiling or a new shower, get started early to make sure you are ready for your guests. Fortunately, most quick updates can be handled even with small budgets.

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