What You Need to Know about Building a Custom Home in the Lexington Area


When most people talk about their dream home, what they really want is a custom design. If home buying can be a difficult process, building a home is even more so. Understanding the process will help to alleviate some of the stress that many people have dealt with while building their homes. There are many beautiful homes in the Lexington area, but instead of going through listings, you might prefer the idea of building your own. The first steps in the process are:

  • Determining the size of the budget
  • Establish a time for the completion of the home
  • Find the right area and lot for your home

Getting the Right Design

Designing a home is an enjoyable part of the process, because it allows you to incorporate your ideas to ensure you get the style you want. Magazines and websites can be good sources of inspiration, but it is important to consider the following:

  • The size of the home and the number of stories
  • The layout
  • The number of rooms
  • Structural features and amenities
  • The architectural style
  • The local building codes

Getting Started

Building a custom home requires a team of professionals who each bring their own set of skills to the project. You should remain involved throughout the process, making sure that the necessary documentation is up to date, and that the work is progressing as it should. Things to consider in the beginning and while the project is ongoing are:

  • Hiring an architect
  • Hiring a contractor
  • Getting building permits
  • Ensuring that the necessary insurance is in place
  • Hiring other professionals such as electricians and plumbers
  • The building inspections
  • Cleaning up the site

A number of other considerations will arise during the building of a custom home.  One of the most important is the range of details related to the lot you want to build on, which include:

  • The size
  • The proximity of neighbors
  • The surrounding environment
  • Where the sun comes up
  • Accessibility of municipal resources
  • The architectural styles of nearby houses if there is a covenant

Homes in the Lexington vary in square footage, lot size and architecture. With the help of a good architect and contractor, you can have one that stands out with its own style.

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